MINT Veneers

MINT Veneers

There are several important reasons why people choose MINT to place their veneers. One, we use only the advanced super thin, super strong E-Max porcelain veneers that don't chip or break. They are more extravagant and newer technology than traditional veneers, but we do not pass this cost to you. We give you the superior product for less.

Secondly, different patients have different issues going on in their mouth, requiring the skill and training of a true cosmetic dentist. For instance, some patients need tooth lengthening gum surgery in order to place veneers. Dr. Harrison created a surgical technique he has taught his doctors that dramtically reduces recovery time from weeks to days, with much less - if any - pain.

You will love your experience at MINT as much as you will love your MINT Veneers.

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